Connect. Collaborate. Actualize
Forward Thinking Partnerships
CBSI is a technology enterprise that offers enterprise software services to medium and large organizations in three continents.
Our service offerings focus on enterprise applications, mobile applications and cloud enablement. We work as your technology partner to transform your business and deliver measurable results.
Our next-gen partnership approach ensures that the time spent on contracting and governance is minimized, allowing us to focus on delivering technology solutions aligned to your business vision.
Our mission
To be a global leader in enterprise software services, by providing value-driven package implementation, custom development, maintenance, support, and technology project management solutions for time-sensitive and mission-critical applications.
Fast facts
CBSI: Valuing differences
CBSI recognizes and values diversity in the workplace. We realize that we are stronger because of the heterogeneity that exists within our organization. We greatly value the varied experiences, points of view, ideas and perspectives of our multi-faceted community of employees.
CBSI is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities for all persons without regard to race, color, religion, nationality, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation or marital status.
Our inclusive environment enables us to offer creative and innovative solutions that add value to your business and ours.
We have operations in nearly 50 locations in the US, China, India and South America.
(World Map with all locations marked out)
Since our inception in 1998, we have successfully worked with a large number of clients across the globe, offering a wide portfolio of services and solutions to a diverse range of industry verticals including:
Our clients include:
All our partnerships are strategic and long-term, and we are considered a preferred solutions provider to some of the largest and most diversified companies in the world.
US Locations:
International Locations:
Our experience has shown that successful projects require a high degree of client involvement and commitment.
Reflecting this insight, CBSI offers a unique value proposition based on three powerful axioms.
Connect. Collaborate. Actualize
Together they define a proven partnership process that is:
At CBSI, our customer-centric approach begins with listening to what you have to say. Our team of experts engages with you at multiple levels to understand the dynamics of your industry, focusing not just on the big picture, but also on the finer details, which so often determine your success.
It is our belief that technology projects often fail, if the client is not actively engaged.
As part of our process we leverage the business insights of the client to jointly set project goals and identify its potential risks and failure points. We clearly define our roles and responsibilities and those of the client. This allows all stakeholders to provide the leadership necessary for the success of the project.
This next-gen partnership approach is transparent and not mired in complicated governance structures and red tape.
From strategizing, implementing and execution to helping your business internalize and adapt to change, our collaborative approach ensures that we arrive at the most strategic, cost-effective and value-driven solution.
Our focus on successful execution is reflected in the detailing of the project milestones, KPIs and SLAs that we identify, meet and exceed during the project lifecycle.
We pride ourselves on providing business value - the most important outcome of any engagement.
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