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We pride ourselves on being a preferred career destination for talented software professionals.
We recognize that our people and our ability to ground them in our unique methodology is our most important asset. Which is why, we make our biggest investment in hiring and retaining exceptional talent.
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If you think you have what takes to develop the next killer Android app, help our clients migrate to the cloud, or create and manage large applications serving thousands of users around the world, CBSI has a place for you.
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At CBSI, we offer you a flexible working environment that empowers you to engage with your entrepreneurial side, innovate and to chart your own career.
What we offer you is more than just a competitive salary package. We offer you a chance to grow in a challenging business environment that drives you to succeed both as a Synovian, and as a technology professional. It is up to you to make the most of it.
We offer an opportunity for you to adapt to state of art technologies like Cloud Computing, Mobile Applications and Enterprise applications development and maintenance.
As your partner in career progression, we place great emphasis on enhancing your employability quotient. We offer you training and development opportunities that help you specialize in your chosen technology or business domain, upgrade existing knowledge and develop leadership acumen. We also help you hone your communication skills and expand your global perspective.
Our training and development programs include both technical and non technical components.
We also offer soft skills training including leadership development program for technical and non-technical roles.
Actualize your potential
We create an environment designed to bring out the best in you. This means, as a Synovian, your individual expertise and aptitude are taken into consideration while assigning you to a project team.
We partner only with reputed customers who provide a productive work environment and match our high standards of professional ethics.
We offer our employees Global opportunities in the Americas, Asia and Europe, across a range of industries.
You could be working on projects for blue-chip Fortune 100 clients
At CBSI, we actualize your aspirations.
CBSI provides comprehensive health insurance benefits, including medical, dental, prescription, and vision coverage to care for employees and their families. CBSI offers three levels of coverage; Basic(HDHP), Comprehensive and Comp Plus, which begin on the first day following 60 days of active full-time employment. CBSI’s dental plan provides coverage for Preventive, Primary and Restorative services and the vision plan provides coverage for regular eye exams, eyeglasses, and contact lenses.
Alternatively, employees may opt-out of health benefits. For opting-out, you will receive the taxable cash reimbursement per pay period.
This is an optional bank account that you can use to pay for most medical expenses your health plan does not cover. To be eligible to contribute to an HSA, you have to be enrolled in the Basic Plan (HDHP).
In this optional spending account, employee’s voluntary contributions are deducted from the employee’s paycheck on a pre-tax basis. These contributions are used to reimburse the employee for medical, dental, prescription or vision expenses that are not covered by employer sponsored group health plans. Employees can also set up an account for dependent care costs.
This optional tax-deferred retirement plan allows you to defer up to 25% of your compensation on a pre-tax basis and up to 6% on an after-tax basis. However, your combined pre-tax and after-tax contributions may not exceed 25% of your compensation.
Enrollment in the 401(k) Plan is monthly on the first of each month. Upon enrollment in the Plan, employees will receive a company-match of $.40 for each $1.00 of elective deferrals, up to 6%. This limit is applied each pay period.
Short-term disability (STD) coverage will provide you with salary continuation in the event of pregnancy, extended illness or disability. As an employee of CBSI, you will be eligible to receive 60% of your weekly salary with a maximum of $800 per week. The maximum benefit period is 26 weeks. This is company paid benefit with NO CHARGE TO YOU.
Long-term (LTD) disability offers you coverage in the event you have an illness or disability that extends beyond 26 weeks. The LTD benefit offers you 60% of your salary with a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $6,000 per month. Our employees may purchase Voluntary Long-Term Disability insurance as a portion of their benefits package.
In our continued effort to provide our employees with comprehensive and affordable benefits, our employees may purchase Voluntary Group Term Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD & D) as a portion of their benefits package.
NOTE: CBSI reserves the right to modify, change, eliminate or add benefits at its discretion with or without notice. In certain cases, CBSI is unable to offer benefits due to client agreements with CBSI. Please contact your CBSI recruiter for further information.
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