Customer Engagement Models
At CBSI we offer our suite of technology and consulting solutions through three, distinct engagement models.
Fixed Price model
We offer software services through a fixed price contract, where we estimate the effort required to complete a project and quote a fixed price based on agreed scope, duration and deliverables. The client is expected to pay the contracted price only, regardless of the actual cost incurred by CBSI.
We determine the decisions regarding project execution methodology and the resource mix, in consultation with the client. This gives clients the ability to create an accurate estimate and budget for the project, avoiding cost overruns that may occur in other engagement models.
We will follow our proprietary methodology or any other client specific methodology stipulated by the client in delivering the projects.
Risk and Reward
Risk and Reward engagements have evolved from traditional Fixed Price models. In addition to the fixed price contracted, you pay us additional fees if we exceed the agreed milestones and SLAs and we will accept a reduced fee if we do not meet them. The quantum of additional /reduced fees for identified milestones/SLAs are built into the project contract.
Time and Material with Cap.
When scope is not very clear and if there is ambiguity in the scope, we will use our CPM methodology to deliver the project using T&M with Cap contracts. These are a hybrid of T&M and Fixed bid contracts.
While traditionally T&M denotes the Time & Materials engagement model, within which we provide resources to our clients charged out on the basis of time spent, at CBSI it also represents Talent Management. Using our CPM methodology, the effort is estimated by the client and CBSI, and the resources are staffed on a T&M basis.
Within this model, we offer you technology professionals charged at an hourly or monthly rate in all technology areas.
Professional Services
This includes technology professionals deployed on full time and part-time basis based on the current requirements of your organization.
We offer managed solutions, by entering into a master vendor relationship with you. We provide complete on-site management of all contract activities. This includes your subcontracting needs and procedures, in partnership with your e-procurement and human capital management partners that run the requirement-to-check processes.
Offshore projects
CBSI is equipped to recruit technology professionals, with the necessary work permits, from low cost geographies, and onboard them as part of your technology team, in the shortest possible time. We leverage our “offshore bench” and supplement this with new recruits that you may require.
In this model the client can choose to either take responsibility of complete project governance or hand it to CBSI.
Customer Engagement Methodologies
Our unique value proposition Connect, Collaborate, Actualize, is at the heart of the Collaborative Performance Model (CPM), an innovative methodology for our project services business.
The CPM co-opts the customer into the project workflow and creates a collaboration layer within the engagement. This is intended to eliminate the pain points of traditional delivery models characterized by:
Our engagement model is designed to overcome these weaknesses by aligning to your business vision and tailoring solutions that create value for your customers.
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Here is how the collaborative workflow is harnessed to optimize the cost of operations and deliver high-quality projects.
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At CBSI our objective is straightforward:
To locate the right candidate, with the right set of skills, at the right cost to your business in the shortest possible time.
To achieve this goal, we have pioneered a proprietary talent management methodology called Talentraq.
Talentraq is a start-to-finish engagement model, at the core of which is resource forecasting. We study your technology roadmap and utilize it to forecast the software professionals you will require across skill sets and roles. As your partner, we invest in holding an optimum, strategic bench of professionals, ready to deploy in your organization.
We collaborate with you at every stage of the staffing process by deploying dedicated fulfillment teams to handle complete lifecycle resourcing.
Connect to initiate, forecast and plan. [+ Click here for more details]
Understand: Our preferred engagement model is to work as your partner, rather than a supplier. This allows us to engage with you to understand the role of technology in meeting your specific business objectives. We also gain visibility to your annual technology roadmap, helping us forecast your talent requirements for the year.
Predict: When you engage us, we create a schedule of regular interactions focused on estimating your resourcing needs. We place particular emphasis on scarce and emerging skills such as SAP, cloud and mobility. We then build a detailed blueprint of the talent you will require over the next 12 months.
Track: Our experts track market trends to assess high-demand skill-sets and invest in creating a ‘bench of excellence’, so that your recruitment plan stays on course. We provide the necessary training and certification to the professionals on the bench, so that they can be deployed with minimum lead-time to maximize your productivity.
Recruit: Backed by more than a decade of experience in talent management, we have designed a proven global resource delivery model.
This consists of a five-stage hiring process:
  1. The CBSI interview
  2. Seven levels of compliance checks
  3. Client assessment and selection
  4. Soft skill competency and assessment
  5. Six-stage numeric analytical tech screening process that includes:
    1. Level
    2. Application
    3. Domain
    4. Technology
    5. Scalability
    6. Severity
The entire process is completed within 7-10 business days by a dedicated fulfillment team. Every critical stage is executed keeping communication lines open with you for constant feedback and dialogue.
Our repeated success with this process has earned us the status of preferred supplier to medium and large organizations as well as many Fortune 500 companies.
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Collaborate to engage and empower [+ Click here for more details]
Our collaborative model ensures that we support each other through every stage of the talent management process, including:
Induction and knowledge transition: CBSI works with customers to develop detailed onboarding processes that minimize the learning curve, ensuring quick, productive deployment. In collaboration with the client, we develop all necessary training material and also draw upon client SMEs to facilitate induction and knowledge transition.
Employee retention: We recognize that talented software professionals need to be nurtured and mentored to grow within your organization. Apart from ensuring that they receive the required technology certifications, we organize motivational events and provide leadership training to support their growth aspirations. We also create a structured, career progression plans for every employee. As a result, our attrition levels are significantly lower than the industry average.
Actualize to meet your business objectives [+ Click here for more details]
We constantly monitor performance metrics to ensure that you receive the full value of working with CBSI. The average tenure of any Synovian is 18 months with 21% of employees getting promoted after completion of an assignment.
We set up a system of periodic reports and reviews, in consultation with you, and institute the metrics to monitor the SLAs of our engagement.
The benchmarks we follow to measure the success of our methodology include:
THE CBSI ADVANTAGE [+ Click here for more details]
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