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3 Methods For Developing A Successful Hiring Manager Training Program

3 Methods For Developing A Successful Hiring Manager Training Program

We follow an unconventional strategy when training effective hiring managers, which starts and ends with putting employees first and the organization second. While regular training for recruiters and sources is crucial, it’s also essential to train your hiring managers, not just those who make the final call but also those who might have the most influence on possible new hires.

It is essential to train your hiring managers, not just those who make the final call but also those who might influence potential new hires.

Three Tips for Developing Train and Hire Program

train and hire model

  • Understand the Basics

You should take the time to train them on the entire hiring process whenever a new hiring manager joins your team. If they are working with a recruiter, the recruiter should go through the particular procedure for the business and the department during the initial discussion about the job opening. This comprises developing the business’s employee value proposition, or EVP, and letting them know about the core company values, employment branding strategy, and recruitment marketing strategy.

  • Schedule Weekly Check-In Calls

A hiring manager should prepare for an initial discussion with a recruiting specialist to get an idea about the position and the perfect candidate. The hiring manager should be ready to answer any recruiter questions and thoroughly outline the job description and preferred candidate profile. To avoid delays or bottlenecks, he or she should prioritize weekly check-in calls.

  • The Training of Active Listening & Empathy

An important quality that many hiring managers lack is the ability to listen attentively for indications that a new hire might have skills that are untapped gems in the dark. Starting with strategic empathy, most managers lack the self-assurance to deviate from tried-and-true best practices during the hiring process.

Moreover, it takes empathy and awareness for a leader to recognize the transferable skills, be at ease with the lack of that one core skill and have the empathy to understand why they don’t have that skill and still find a way to make that work potentially. For example, let’s say you’re hiring a new marketing director who may need to gain graphic design skills. Still, they have conducted strategy execution for their brands that have worked out well from a marketing perspective. Great things can happen if a recruiting manager asks insightful questions, listens intently, and searches for ways to show empathy.

Final Words

As professionals in human resources and talent acquisition, we must ensure hiring managers get the training and skills necessary to understand and successfully carry out their responsibilities in the recruiting relationship. When this happens, we provide a successful ultimate result—a good hire—and a positive candidate experience for everyone.

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Which Skills Are Required For Developers Before Stepping Into An MNC Project?

Which Skills Are Required For Developers Before Stepping Into An MNC Project?

Stepping into an MNC company is the dream of millions; however, only a few accomplish it. The MNC job market is becoming competitive year or year and calling for full efforts of the candidates, especially if you are from the technical field. There is a vast skill gap among the developers to get a high-paying job in a Multinational company. The biggest secret to their success is that they undergo a professional train and hire program offered by various recruitment agencies. The one who succeeds in their dream of getting MNC placement has also left no stone unturned in their hard work.

If you want to be like them, you have stumbled onto the right page. This write-up unfolds the essential skills a developer should possess before stepping into an MNC project.

Here You Get the List of the Best 4 In-Demanded Skills Crucial for the Developers in the MNC

  1. Coding Languages: A developer can put down different coding languages like Javascript, Python, C++, and HyperText markup language for the software programs. Hence you should have specialization in at least one coding language that gives you numerous job opportunities.
  2. Well-Knowledge of Database: In the database, all the information of the company is organized and stored. Software developers should know all ins and outs of database management. For example, they should know the best way to search the information, incorporate the new data in the table format, and much more. Additionally, they should know how to secure a database in emergency or unforeseen situations. If you grab the database management skill, you will grow your career.
  3.  Debugging Proficient: A developer proficient in debugging can quickly address the new challenging errors in the programming coding language. This is also an in-demand skill that aids you in getting the high package in the MNC. Henceforth, a developer should know the application of the debugging software.
  4. Strong Foundation of Cloud Platforms: To run a company’s database, we need some place known as the cloud platform. Developers can configure this platform only when familiar with the servers’ coding language and management. Cloud platforms are used for storing the information and then further utilized in developing the program and applications that need cloud-based technologies.

Polish Your Skills With the CBSI Global: Join Train & Hire Program!

The above write-up demystifies developers’ skills to incorporate into their knowledge base. Once you develop a grip on these above skills, nothing can stop you from getting an edge over the growing MNC company.

CBSI Global is the FirstMeridian company aiming to bridge the gap between working professionals & freshers. We follow the hire train deploy model, incorporating the required skills into candidates and placing them in top MNCs. We are the one-stop staffing agency connecting candidates, professionals, and companies with each other seamlessly.

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Hire-Train-Deploy: A Recipe For Success

Hire-Train-Deploy: A Recipe For Success

It has been observed by the research studies that there is an ample gap between the corporate expectations and candidates’ skill sets. In simple words, candidates need to bridge the gap between skills required and skills possessed. It has been noticed among candidates who have recently graduated the college. Gone are the days when companies used to train candidates to make them industry-ready. With the rise in the number of Hire-Train-Deploy companies in India, the issue of training is resolved. Now, companies hire skilled candidates through the companies that offer train and hire programs.

Hire-Train-Deploy Program- Concept Analysis

The advent of the Hire-Train-Deploy program has introduced to educate the exact practical skills in the candidates required by the company. For example- CBSI Global has been seamlessly working on these programs to help companies for decades. This way, companies can save huge time, money, and resources and get the right fit candidate in no time. Day by day, the train and hire program is getting more popular as the staffing solution.

Benefits for Organizations

  1. Cost-Effective: A training program requires a huge investment for its effective accomplishment. If you are not investing at a good level in the training program, you can’t achieve the desired set goals.
  1. Higher Productivity: A trained & skilled employee are filled with all practical knowledge and skills that enables them to work with higher productivity eventually aids in growth of company.
  1. Better Monitoring: Organizations offer train and hire programs to ensure continuous monitoring and growth of employees. Their professional coaches responsible for training candidates keep a track of the latest developments in the existing skills to make them ready for the industry. It helps organizations understand the benefits of availing in the training and hiring services.
  1. Rapid Resource Identification: In today’s day and age, hiring the desirable candidate is not only troublesome but also time-consuming. With hire-train-deploy companies in India, various processes, such as prescreening, interviews, aptitude tests, and others, can be carried out speedily, without any hassles.
  2. Smooth Placement: CBSI Global ensures effective recruitment or on-boarding of candidates. Their experts are well versed in carrying out processes, including selection, recruitment, onboarding, and other placement-related formalities. As an aspirant is properly trained, there are chances of getting better returns on the recruitment process.

Businesses around the world are eagerly looking for capable professionals, trainees, and graduates to join them and start working immediately without any need for thorough training. It makes the train and hire programs important for companies through which they get the desired employees while candidates get their dream jobs.

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With us, finding and training fresh talent, honing their skills, and assisting them to learn valuable employability skills for various positions become a cakewalk. Trained experts at CBSI Global aim to remove all redundancies to speed up the hiring process and deliver the best services to clients.

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How To Develop An Effective On-The-Job-Training Program In 5 Steps?

How To Develop An Effective On-The-Job-Training Program In 5 Steps?

On-the-job training is one of the most momentous programs in an organization. The accomplishment of a business entirely depends on the effectiveness of training developed. Do you know that approximately 40% of employees shun away the company on account of poor on-the-job training within the first year? The training program is an indispensable investment in the valuable resources of a business i.e., employees.

 It should be built by considering cutting-edge strategies ensuring ultimate success. CBSI Global also offers a train to deploy program emphasizing training the candidate as per business requirements. So, this write-up attempts to demystify the 5 steps of building a successful training and development program. Read on to know why a business must hire train deploy programs.

Let’s Unlock the Talent & Development Skills in Employee- 5 Simple Steps

  1. Understanding the Vision and Mission Statement-

Before the development of a successful On-The-Job Training Program, you should be familiar with the organization’s goals. Pen down your expectations from your employees and then plan the training structure accordingly. In short, you need to bridge the gap between fresher and experienced employees. It should be prepared in alignment with the knowledge and skills gap among the employees.

  1. Gathering of Resources

The second step is to start curating the required resources. If you lack resources, training will be unsuccessful and eventually lead to exponential employee turnover. The more resources you have, the better-customized training programs can be developed.

For example- you can utilize eye-catching creatives, publications, printings, YouTube sites, and more. Make sure that you leave no stone unturned in making the On-The-Job Training Program outstanding that produces remarkable results.

  1. Designing of Structured Training Program

The most noteworthy thing to keep in mind is that don’t let your training program become counterproductive to the objectives. This simply means that you should avoid emphasizing a 24X7 learning program as employees won’t be able to grab the lessons much. You can break down the long-hour session into small ones. Training inclusive of activities and practical assignments has a tremendous success rate. All these things make the training successful and interesting for learners. Subsequently, this corresponds to the accomplishment of our training goals.

  1. Implementation of Right Skilled Trainers

Implementation of the training program is quite complex. However, it demands greater leadership skills and an experienced mentor. It has a plethora of benefits but requires the best professionals to deliver it. Moreover, you can also outsource the training programs on account of not having knowledge and resources. 

Check out the train and hire model offered by CBSI Global, which has served 500+ Businesses in hiring 44,800+ Technology Consultants so far.

  1. Evaluation & Revision

Last but certainly not least, one must continuously analyze the training program to find out the gaps and then apply implementation. Ask feedback from employees and try to include their suggestions. This way, you can maximize the benefits from the on-the-job training program.

Looking for a Perfect Partner for Hire Train Deploy Programs?

Being the FirstMeridian company, CBSI Global aims to unleash the best potential of skills in employees through its Hire-Train-Deploy Program.

At CBSI, our mission is to put the right skills and technical expertise in the candidates that are required in the organizations. Additionally, we have other services, including:

  • IT Contract Staffing Solution
  • Master Service Provider
  • Permanent Recruitment Solutions

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Training and Development Program And Its Benefits To Employee And Organization

Training and Development Program And Its Benefits To Employee And Organization

Employees are considered an esteemed resource for any enterprise. The accomplishment of an organization entirely depends on the quality of the employees hired. Undoubtedly, there are several other major factors as well, but the presence of efficient candidates is momentous for enterprise growth. Therefore, organizations have come up with training & development programs to sustain the valuable candidates. These programs are particularly based on the concept of the train and hire model by emphasizing more on practical knowledge, capabilities, and specialization.

So, how do these training and development initiatives assist employees as well as organizations in tremendous growth? Put your mind at ease as this write-up throws some light on the advantages of this program. Let’s take a look:

Training & Development Program Benefits for Employees

  • Career Opportunities to Cope Competencies in Future

Candidates graduate from reputed colleges with several certifications. Nonetheless, finding a job in an IT company becomes a formidable task for them. Isn’t it so? Therefore, the training program opens up the doors of opportunities for the employees as they learn all the technical and soft skills that are needed in the company. This is not only beneficial for the freshers but also the existing employees in the organization. Most noteworthy, the majority of companies develop these programs adhering to the hire train deploy model like CBSI Global, which we’ll discuss at the end of this blog.

  • Enhance Employee Performance

Once you finance the training & development program, you’ll notice the tremendous change in existing employees’ performance like never before. Training leaves an optimistic effect on the employee’s behaviour, skills, attitude towards work, and knowledge that served as improved employee performance.

  • Optimistic Notable Growth in The Market

Employee training has become the need of the hour for getting an edge over the competitive market. Albeit it costs an arm & a leg, but it aids your enterprise to have a good leading position in the entire industry. Lastly, it’ll improve your appearance by offering you the tagline of the best employer in the market.

  • Better Employee Retention

Employee retention is nothing but the practice of maintaining the employees in the company for the long term. It’s a challenging notion but still, it can be managed by planning some employee training initiatives that’ll make them feel satisfied that they are learning new skills from time to time that eventually will make their career better in the future.

Bring Substantial Positive Impacts with Hire Train Deploy Model Of CBSI Global

We have furnished you with the significance of training programs in all types of enterprises. If you haven’t started planning regarding any training, it’s highly recommended it initiate it as soon as possible for infinite growth. At times, we have seen that the majority of companies can’t organize it because of high investment. So, in this situation, CBSI Global is here to help you out. Our Hire Train Deploy model is specially designed to mitigate the gap between skilled professionals and freshers in the job industry. We made them industry ready, and also give training to the existing employees in the company to hone their skills.

5 Elements That Make Top Employee Training Programs So Successful

5 Elements That Make Top Employee Training Programs So Successful

Nowadays, there are various training & hiring programs for employees to make them job-fit. But the question that comes to everyone’s mind is what makes a training program successful? To address this issue, we have come up with the surefire elements that make the employee-training programs so successful. Whether you are crafting a training program for freshers or to enhance the skill set of existing employees, this write-up is going to help you out for sure. Take a look!

List of 5 Elements that Make the Train and Hire Program Effective

  1. A Champion, Knowledgeable, & Punctual Training Manager

The person who handles the training & development program along with the team is called the training manager. For delivering high-quality training & hiring program in India, you must have a program manager. This person should be multi-talented, creative, and must have leadership skills & business acumen. However, the manager should be responsible for all planning & execution related to all training activities in the company. Additionally, a program manager’s main motive should be upscaling the skills of employees to increase the efficiency and performance of the company.

  1. Inclusion of Latest & Relevant Training Content

The training content should be relevant & updated as per the industry norms. You have to design the training material in such a way that employees can apply it in their professional duties & work. It should open the minds of employees and don’t make them feel bored. However, you can include practical assignments in it as well to make it interesting for them.

  1. Follow-up Train and Hire Program to Enhance Learning Retention

Most training & hiring programs in India forget to design the training reinforcement that aids employees in applying the concepts learned during the training. If you don’t take the follow-ups, their learning may fade away within 5 to 6 days.

  1. Design Proper Marketing Plan for Training Program

Having a proper marketing roadmap for the train and hire program is quite significant. A successful training program not only asks for initial planning, but you’ll have to keep doing efforts throughout the training duration. The training program must include the rationale & its purpose behind providing it to employees.

  1. Training Should be aligned with Company’s Value

Last but certainly not least, the training development process should have alignment with the organization’s goal. It should be related to your long-term as well as short-term goals. Make sure that the training fits well with the culture of your organization.

Key Takeaway

Hopefully, you have successfully comprehended the cutting-edge strategies to develop a train and hire program in your company. Most businesses are struggling to find the right candidates, and that’s why they organize some training programs. In case, if you don’t want to invest in a training and hiring program in India, you can reach out to CBSI Global.

CBSI Global- One-Stop Solution for Talent Acquisition Problem

At CBSI Global, we have our hire-train-deploy program aimed to bridge the gap between experienced & fresher candidates. However, we have been providing quite impactful training by our in-house industry experts. Employees get hands-on exposure to global projects while we make them industry ready. Henceforth, we can be your best partner in human resource hiring.

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