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The 6 Best HR Outsourcing Services of 2023

The 6 Best HR Outsourcing Services of 2023

There is  growth in HR outsourcing companies is due to convenience, less investment, flexibility, and recruiting the best talents. Most organizations are shifting their focus to HR outsourcing services to share the risk & hectic schedule of the job.

Choose the best company in the hiring industry, CBSI Global, empowered by technology and innovations. CBSI specializes in different HR services, such as IT contract staffing solutions, master service providers, permanent recruitment solutions, and Hire-Train-Deploy programs.

Listing the Best HR Outsourcing Services

IT Contract Staffing Service

Businesses look for the best HR outsourcing companies that can provide IT recruitment services. Under the category, the client company will get the expertise and knowledge of skilled & certified professionals. CBSI Global will ensure satisfied talent acquisition with its 20-year-long experience. They offer budget-friendly IT contract staffing solutions: on-demand staff deployment, contracts process outsourcing, transfer & migration, and end-to-end talent management.

Under end-to-end staff augmentation, the team provides demand management, PAN India sourcing, onboarding & transfer, attendance, leaves & payroll management, incentives, and claims reimbursement, associate care and engagement, compliances & benefits, attrition, and appraisals management.

Master Services Provider

At CBSI Global, they also share the MSP program to handle business HR issues with a single point sourcing powerhouse, complete vendor management, benchmarking of key hiring processes and supplier management workflows, a single process of compliance across vendors, end-to-end resource management, predictability, and risk management.

Permanent Recruitment Solutions

CBSI Global builds a better HR outsourcing pathway with services of market mapping & talent pocket creation, focused headhunting, salary trend mapping, assessments, personalized support, and recruitment analytics.

The recruitment process includes:-

  • Gathering of Requirements
  • Market Mapping
  • Multi-channel Sourcing
  • Screening
  • Interviews
  • Feedback & Selection
  • CTC Negotiation
  • Documentation and offer release
  • Post offer follow up
  • Onboarding and engagement

Hire-Train-Deploy Program

To solve the talent acquisition problem, CBSI Global brings innovative solutions such as the Hire-Train-Deploy Program. It features the hiring of talented candidates from top educational institutions and real-time training matching the business requirement and company culture. Lastly, deploy trained employees at the client site.

Career Portal

CBSI built an excellent digital recruitment engine based on the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence. In the portal, a recruiter can register to find the right talent and paste their job posting.

Skill-Based Hiring!

CBSI Global, provides hiring services based on different skills. Every company has its own requirements. For instance, under the tech skills, they look at Python, Big Data(Spark, Scala, Hive, Cassandra), Mainframe, UI/UX Designing, Tableau, and QlikView. The team also provides talent with specialized knowledge of digital skills, ERP software, IT infrastructure, testing, and data warehousing.

If you are looking for reliable HR outsourcing services, choose , CBSI Global, to get you the right talent.