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Is your company’s contingent hiring process decentralised with multiple vendors following varied protocols and SLAs? Are you finding it difficult to track your spend, predict future hiring trends and create a robust vendor ecosystem for contingent staffing?

AT CBSI, we build customised MSP solutions to streamline your company’s staffing operations, eliminate compliance risks, reduce costs and build a single Master Vendor relationship. We will structure and automate your end-to-end staffing operations and help you create a future-proof supply chain strategy for contingent talent.


We keep our words and ensure you are the out-of-box MSP contractors in your organization. We also enable you free from the hassles of paying payments to multiple suppliers simultaneously. Let’s check out our objectives.
CBSI as the Single-Point Sourcing Powerhouse
Complete Vendor
Management – CBSI as the Single Master Vendor
Benchmarking of Key Hiring Processes and Supplier Management Workflows
Single Process of Compliance Across Vendors
Optimal Resource Sharing Across Vendors
End-to-End Resource Management – Sourcing, Onboarding, Training, Attendance, Remittance, Compliance and Exit
Predictability, Risk Mitigation & Agility
Best Contingent Talent Strategy for Your Business


Improved TAT and
Quality of Hire
Best Industry Practices – Make Meaningful Decisions
Robust Vendor Ecosystem – Improved Accountability in All Suppliers
Simplified Billing/Payment with a Single Invoice – No Hassle of Paying Multiple Suppliers
Ad-Hoc Workforce Scalability for Your Business – Volume Hiring and Retrenchment
SLA-Driven Project Governance Model
Measurable Savings in Administration Costs
Seamless Stakeholder Experience


Applicant Tracking System with AI/ML Capability
Comprehensive Vendor Management System (VMS)
Digital Onboarding and Documentation – Paperless, Quick and Hassle-Free
BI-Driven Recruitment Analytics with Customised Reports & Dashboards
Future Scope for End-to-End Automation of the Hiring Process

Best MSP Services- Get Professionals Matching Your Business Requirements

The hiring process encompasses several functions that become pretty difficult for the companies to achieve. Many activities won’t let you select the talent that perfectly aligns with your organization’s requirements. But your mind is at ease as long as CBSI Global is here. We are your backbone, assisting you in all HR functions, including the recruitment of permanent and non-permanent workers. The MSP program allows you to emphasize other aspects of the organization effectively. 

CBSI Global helps you achieve the greater heights of success by getting access to talented, groomed, and qualified talent. We believe in delivering the perfect, personalized, and productive hand-picked people to your business. 

Let us oversee your company’s entire hiring and training process while you focus on other core functions. 

Best Contingent Talent Strategy for Your Business

Contingent staffing is the hidden secret to addressing the lack of talent in the business. A business can hire contingent staff when the projects are in bulk and deadlines are short. They get paid based on the projects, and this doesn’t only save ample money but also gives you access to specialized skill sets that require relatively more minor onboarding. That is why CBSI is the best platform to approach, as they know all the best contingent talent practices for different kinds of businesses. 


Our MSP Recruitment Process

We handle the entire HR functions, including the selection, background verification, payroll, and much more. Our process is followed correctly, and you don’t need to worry about anything. After selecting the candidate, we’ll share the data with you, and then you can check that for the final decision. 

  1. Selection of Qualified Candidates: With our stringent recruitment process, you can get the best staff that meets your standards and possess all professional etiquette with effective communication. 
  2. Technical Skills Analysis: We conduct the technical round for the candidates to check their technical competencies, which have become the need of the hour in today’s competitive world. Once the candidate cracks the technical round, they are called for a further round.
  3. HR Round: It’s time to know about the salary package. We try our best to hire the candidate based on your company’s preference budget. Our experts know all ins & outs of the negotiations at the best level as there are some cutting-edge strategies for this. 
  4. Interview Set Up: Now, the ball is in your court as we schedule the interview with your team. You can scrutinize the candidate and then decide on the selection or rejection. 
  5. Background Verification: A thorough background verification is our responsibility. We verify the documents and reject those with criminal records and others to avoid the wrong hiring that may lead to a significant loss.

Once the above-mentioned process is done, there is an agreement of contract between that recruited MSP and your company. Finally, you can have them on board. 

What Makes Us the Preferred Choice While Choosing Staffing Services?

We are an integral part of the FirstMeridian Group, a leading online platform for recruitment services. We specialize in recruitment, HR automation, managed services, and staffing. We have hired 44,800+ technology consultants for hundreds of MNCs and Fortune 500 companies in the last 20 years. Are you curious to get insights into the benefit of making CBSI Global your recruitment partner? Here are the ultimate benefits of joining hands with us to fulfill your staffing requirements: 

  1. Better Economy of Scales: The staffing requirements often get scaled up on scaling businesses. But with CBSI, you’ll enjoy flexible scaling on adding the MSPs or minimizing them if you want to scale your organization down. 
  2. Higher Efficiency & Productivity: We all know that decades-long experience and productivity go hand in hand. We help you hire experienced and professional MSP contractors who are experts like the back of their hands. We’ll employ them at the drop of a hat whenever you need talent.
  3. Alleviates Full-Time Hiring Cost: Full-time hiring demands significant investment, and subsequently, companies end up with fewer employees. You can mitigate it by switching to work with MSP staffing companies. 
  4. No Extravagant Investment: Let’s start with a small initial investment in hiring the best talent, and gradually, the business may start growing. Switching to managed IT services may significantly give your business relaxation from the Extravagant Investment. What more could you ask for?
  5. Fully Control Over IT Costs: You get absolute control over your organization and its recruitment requirements. You’ll only pay your hired temporary staff based on the project’s requirements. 


Looking for an MSP Company? Get Personalized Quote for IT Solutions

If you have been looking for MSP recruitment services for a long time, it’s high time to end your search. Reach out to CBSI Global, which lets you enjoy the best IT staff like never before in no time. We’ll make your contingent staffing operations seamless and help in global expansion with our strategic MSP program. Let us become your perfect HR partner and assist you in outsourcing the professional contractor on a short-term basis. 

To Enable a Robust Vendor Ecosystem for Your Contingent Staffing Operations
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