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What Does a Technical Recruiter Do?

What Does a Technical Recruiter Do?

Technical Recruiter refers to a human resource position responsible for recruiting candidates for technical profiles. The process starts with sourcing the candidates, screening their profiles, scheduling an interview for them, and finally releasing offer letters to candidates. IT technical recruiters are hired to fill up positions that involve requirements of technical backgrounds, such as engineering or data analysis.

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Role of a Technical Recruiter

Let’s understand the job done by IT technical recruiters to get to know the importance of hiring them:-

Recruitment: Technical recruiters analyze the job requirement of companies and use multiple portals to approach suitable candidates. These recruiters connect with sourced candidates to know about their backgrounds & experiences.

Technical Assessment: After screening their profile, recruiters test the candidate’s knowledge. They design technical assessments involving a few basic to advanced-level questions. The process is to ensure that the sourced candidates possess the required skills or not.

Filtering Out: Once the assessment result is out, recruiters examine the correctness to get into the final solution of hiring the candidate or rejecting their profile.

Final Interview: If the candidate passes the technical assessment, their interview gets finalized by recruiters. It is done to examine the overall performance of candidates apart from technical skills. Most technology-based companies look for essential soft skills under the talent besides technical backgrounds, such as decision-making, time management, team engagement, and communication skills.

Hiring Decision: Technical recruiters discuss with client companies to finalize the recruitment of selected candidates. By analyzing multiple factors, the hiring team comes to the decision of whether to hire or take another round of interviews for better clarity.

Job Offerings: Once the whole process is wrapped up and the hiring team gets totally satisfied with the selection process & candidate’s profile. Recruiters extend the job offer to candidates with an offer letter. Now, even with too much hustle & bustle, sometimes recruiters do not get acceptance from candidates. If it’s a Yes, then it is worthwhile for technical recruiters.

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