Can Your Business Benefit from a Technical Recruiter?

Can Your Business Benefit from a Technical Recruiter?

Business tech firms seek talented people to work in their respective fields. Skilled professionals remain on the wishlist of technical firms as they help them ahead of the competition. However, the question is how to recruit a skilled and professional workforce. Well, the answer is through technical recruiters; they help you attract and acquire employees with the technical skills that your business requires to drive growth and innovation.

What Benefits Businesses Can Avail from Technical Recruiters!

A technical recruiter can provide several benefits to businesses in hiring professionals for technical roles. Here’s how a technical recruiter can help:-

Specialized Expertise

Technical recruiters have a deep understanding of the required skills, qualifications, and experience for various technical roles. They possess knowledge of specific technologies, programming languages, frameworks, and industry trends. This expertise enables them to accurately assess candidates’ technical capabilities and match them with the right roles within your organization.

Efficient Candidate Sourcing

Technical recruiters have access to an extensive network of technical professionals and resources that help them identify and reach out to potential candidates. They can leverage job boards, professional networks, online communities, and their connections to source qualified candidates efficiently. This saves your business time and effort in searching for suitable candidates.

Screening and Evaluation

Recruiters can conduct initial screenings and assessments of candidates, filtering out those who do not meet the technical requirements of the role. They can conduct technical interviews, evaluate coding skills, review portfolios or projects, and assess candidates’ problem-solving abilities. This screening process ensures that only qualified candidates proceed to the next stages of the hiring process.

Streamlined Recruitment Process

They handle various administrative tasks related to recruitment, such as scheduling interviews, coordinating with hiring managers and candidates, and managing communication throughout the process. By managing this process, technical recruiters ensure smooth and efficient recruitment, saving time for both the hiring team and the candidates.

Employer Branding and Candidate Experience

A technical recruiter plays a crucial role in shaping the candidate experience and promoting a positive employer brand. They represent your organization during the hiring and can effectively communicate your company’s values, culture, and opportunities. This positive interaction can leave a favorable impression on candidates, even if they are not selected, potentially leading to future referrals or re-engagement.

Market Insights and Competitiveness

Recruiter professionals stay up-to-date with market trends, including salary ranges, in-demand skills, and the availability of talent. They can provide valuable insights on compensation packages, benefits, and industry benchmarks to help your business remain competitive in attracting top technical talent.

Talent Acquisition Strategy

A technical recruiter can work with your HR and hiring teams to develop a comprehensive talent acquisition strategy. They can identify areas of improvement in your recruitment process, suggest innovative sourcing techniques, and advise on employer branding initiatives. Their strategic input can contribute to building a strong technical team and supporting long-term business goals.

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What Does a Technical Recruiter Do?

What Does a Technical Recruiter Do?

Technical Recruiter refers to a human resource position responsible for recruiting candidates for technical profiles. The process starts with sourcing the candidates, screening their profiles, scheduling an interview for them, and finally releasing offer letters to candidates. IT technical recruiters are hired to fill up positions that involve requirements of technical backgrounds, such as engineering or data analysis.

CBSI Global presents IT staffing solutions to companies to place the right talent in the right position. We become the first Meridian company to build a reliable platform offering end-to-end human resources solutions. You can contact us for the best tech staffing solutions!

Role of a Technical Recruiter

Let’s understand the job done by IT technical recruiters to get to know the importance of hiring them:-

Recruitment: Technical recruiters analyze the job requirement of companies and use multiple portals to approach suitable candidates. These recruiters connect with sourced candidates to know about their backgrounds & experiences.

Technical Assessment: After screening their profile, recruiters test the candidate’s knowledge. They design technical assessments involving a few basic to advanced-level questions. The process is to ensure that the sourced candidates possess the required skills or not.

Filtering Out: Once the assessment result is out, recruiters examine the correctness to get into the final solution of hiring the candidate or rejecting their profile.

Final Interview: If the candidate passes the technical assessment, their interview gets finalized by recruiters. It is done to examine the overall performance of candidates apart from technical skills. Most technology-based companies look for essential soft skills under the talent besides technical backgrounds, such as decision-making, time management, team engagement, and communication skills.

Hiring Decision: Technical recruiters discuss with client companies to finalize the recruitment of selected candidates. By analyzing multiple factors, the hiring team comes to the decision of whether to hire or take another round of interviews for better clarity.

Job Offerings: Once the whole process is wrapped up and the hiring team gets totally satisfied with the selection process & candidate’s profile. Recruiters extend the job offer to candidates with an offer letter. Now, even with too much hustle & bustle, sometimes recruiters do not get acceptance from candidates. If it’s a Yes, then it is worthwhile for technical recruiters.

CBSI Global – IT Technical Recruiters Solutions!

CBSI Global started the journey of tech staffing solutions in 2001 to become a trustable partner for IT workforce recruitment. We establish our name and forward our staffing services across every industry, such as automotive, healthcare, technology, e-commerce, and captives. Our team at CBSI Global develops an HR services platform to bring end-to-end human resources. We connect the best talent to the right job profile for almost 20 years to become the first Meridian company.

IT Contract Staffing: Things You Need To Know

IT Contract Staffing: Things You Need To Know

In today’s fast-paced business world, IT contract staffing has emerged as a popular solution for organizations in need of specialized technology talent temporarily. With the rise of digital transformation, contract IT staffing services in India have become crucial for companies to augment their workforce with skilled professionals.

Let’s explore essential aspects that you should know about contract IT staffing and how it can benefit your organization.


Contract IT staffing offers cost-effective solutions for businesses. By opting for contract staff, you can avoid the expenses associated with full-time employees, such as benefits, training, and overhead costs. With contract staffing, you only pay for the duration of the project or the specific services rendered, enabling better control over your budget and reducing unnecessary expenses.

Access to Specialized Skills

One of the critical advantages of contract IT staffing services in India is the ability to tap into a pool of highly skilled and specialized professionals. IT staffing companies in India have a vast network of talented individuals with expertise in various technologies and industry domains. This allows organizations to quickly find and onboard professionals with the precise skills required for their projects, ensuring efficient execution and delivery.

Faster Hiring Process

Contract IT staffing companies in India streamline hiring, saving organizations valuable time and effort. These companies have established networks and extensive databases of pre-screened candidates, enabling them to identify and shortlist suitable candidates for your specific requirements quickly. With their expertise in the IT industry, they can assess candidates’ skills and experience accurately, facilitating a faster hiring process.

Reduced Legal and Administrative Burdens

When you engage contract IT staff, you eliminate the legal and administrative burdens associated with permanent employment. Contract staffing agencies handle payroll, benefits, tax compliance, and legal obligations, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. This simplified administrative process helps you save time and ensures compliance with labor laws and regulations.

Why Choose CBSI Global for IT Staffing?


CBSI Global is a leading contract IT staffing company in India that offers comprehensive IT staffing solutions to organizations across various industries. Here are a few reasons why you should choose CBSI Global:

  • Extensive Network: CBSI Global has a vast network of skilled IT professionals, ensuring access to a wide range of specialized talent.
  • Quality Screening: CBSI Global rigorously screens candidates to ensure they possess the necessary skills and experience, saving you time and effort in the hiring process.
  • Customized Solutions: CBSI Global understands the unique requirements of each organization and offers customized staffing solutions tailored to your specific needs.
  • Quick Turnaround: With their efficient processes and expertise, CBSI Global ensures a fast turnaround time, allowing you to address your staffing requirements swiftly.
  • Industry Expertise: CBSI Global has extensive experience in the IT industry, enabling them to understand the latest technology trends and identify the right professionals for your projects.

Contract IT staffing services in India provide organizations with the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and access to specialized skills required to meet their IT staffing needs. By partnering with a reputable company like CBSI Global, you can leverage their expertise to streamline your hiring process and secure top-notch IT talent for your projects, ensuring successful outcomes and business growth.

7 Reasons Why CBSI Global Is the Ideal Destination for Both Job Seekers & Recruiters

7 Reasons Why CBSI Global Is the Ideal Destination for Both Job Seekers & Recruiters

CBSI Global is a recruitment and staffing agency that provides comprehensive job search and recruitment solutions to employers and job seekers. We have a network of offices in over 20 countries across five continents, connecting employers and job seekers from around the world.

At CBSI Global, we offer a wide range of HR outsourcing services, from talent acquisition and recruitment to career development and professional training. This makes us the ideal destination for both job seekers and recruiters.

Here are 7 Reasons Why:

1. Extensive Industry Knowledge and Expertise

We have over two decades of experience in the staffing industry, which has helped us develop extensive knowledge and expertise in various industries. Our team of recruiters has a deep understanding of the hiring process, market trends, and recruitment strategies. Therefore, we provide customized staffing solutions that meet the unique requirements of each industry and client.

2. Access to a Global Talent Pool

We have a network of offices across the globe, enabling employers and job seekers access to the best talent from around the world. This means employers can find the perfect candidate for their business, while job seekers can find the right job opportunities for their skills and experience.

3. Global Reach

At CBSI Global, we have global reach and operate in several countries worldwide, including the United States, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and Canada, among others. This enables us to provide staffing solutions to clients across different time zones and regions.

4. Focus on Quality:

We place a strong emphasis on quality in staffing services. We employ advanced technology and best practices to deliver the highest quality staffing solutions to our clients. Our quality control processes ensure that the candidates are screened, tested, and interviewed thoroughly before being presented to clients.

5. Comprehensive Training and Career Development

At CBSI Global, we offer comprehensive training and career development programs to both employers and job seekers. We work to create a comprehensive package of training and development for employers, so that they can ensure the best candidates are chosen for the positions they’re offering. Job seekers, on the other hand, have access to a range of career development programs that can help them hone their skills and gain the necessary experience to further their professional development.

6. Dedicated Support Team

We have a dedicated team of professionals who provide support to both employers and job seekers. The team is available to answer any questions, provide advice, and offer guidance throughout the recruitment process. This ensures that everyone is supported throughout the process and that the best outcome is achieved.

7. Cost-Effective Solutions

CBSI Global provides cost-effective solutions to employers and job seekers. The company offers competitive rates and packages that are tailored to meet the needs of both parties. This ensures that employers and job seekers can find the most cost-effective solution for their recruitment needs.

Final Words:

These are just a few of the reasons why CBSI Global is the ideal destination for both job seekers and recruiters. Moreover, our unique, tech-enabled process is streamlined and automated designed to eliminate redundancies and ensure a seamless, agile and efficient hiring process and make us the perfect partner or one of the ideal HR outsourcing companies for employers and job seekers.

HR Trends In 2023 – The Year of The Employee

HR Trends In 2023 – The Year of The Employee

This year has been a tremendous opportunity for human resource developers. The outsourced hr services have been prioritized by the organizations, and the human resource experts have been at a better level for improvisation of employee firms to meet up newer challenges. Most efficiently, these recruiters have maintained the level of strengthening and maintaining the organizational well-being of the candidates.

With the best choices of careers for the employees, HR trends have been proven engaging this year. The latest trains have been perfect in the hybridization of work culture as well as putting the employees at the first and foremost position in terms of experience and humanized management.

Latest Human Resource Trends for Reshaping the Business Activities

The latest human resource trends have been preferred as the future of mass recruitment and ensure covering the statistics and previewed daughter by the end of the year. As per the employee trends, HR has permitted the industry to lay stress only on the development of employee sections as the main aim of human resource management.

Some of the top trends that have been seen as the future of HR recruitment are as follows.

  • Compromised and followed up on remote office work

Remote or local work has been kept in the top position in addition to office work in the past few years. Lately, the majority of remote workers have been the basic preference of HR services. This has led to work-from-home opportunities without any compromise of office work. Therefore more productive workers have been added to the HR industry without any professional loss. This has made it easy to find leaders without any compromise that may benefit the business as well as the employment opportunities.

  • Choosing all the experienced employees

Employers always have the best and most experienced experts as their employees. Ensuring the same HR industry in recent times has been providing equipped workers with relatable experience in addition to the work-from-home opportunity for the employees. This heart led to the success of well-being programs, making it easy to consider the extension of employee experience and entitle them to physical, financial, and mental well-being and support.

  • Continuity of learning as well as acknowledgement of experience

Considering this as the latest trend in HR during the pandemic, employees found it easy to study and learn new skills in addition to gaining experience with the old ones. No doubt that knowledge of the individual leads to professional as well as personal improvisation of skill and, on the other hand, is advantageous for the companies. That is why the latest HR trends in 2023 will also concentrate on the development of new skills and the achievement of higher levels of experience.

  • Modernized technology and advancement to initiate trust

The uncertainties, as well as the anxieties, are always a fear of transparency. Therefore in order to curb the problem, the employees are updated with technical advancements to initiate trust and transparency in addition to the integration of staff service with the employers. This helps in easy technical disposal, and the employees get accessibility to the latest trends and feedback in the field.

On the whole, the latest trends in human resources solution also include wellness programs relating to the employees, increment of digital communication improvisation, investment in high-quality human resource technology, reskilling and internal mobility etc. The revolution in the industry regarding human resources has been rapid due to advanced technology and well-improved industrial workflow.

How Human Resource Outsourcing Helps Your Business to Grow

How Human Resource Outsourcing Helps Your Business to Grow

We all know how important human resource for any organization is. Having competent and skillful human resource always help the organization to achieve its organizational goals and objectives. With the development of the organization, the need for competent candidates increases. If the existing employees are not able to meet the new standards, it can be trouble for the organization. So here, looking for new employees will be a great option to go for. To recruit new employees, it is always a good idea to seek help from third parties, known as HR outsourcing services.

Know that HR outsourcing companies are aware of how to recruit and select potential employees as per the company’s needs and requirements. They will make sure to streamline the organization’s HR process. Apart from hiring the employees, the HR outsourcing agency will become an intermediate between the employer and employees. They will help convey payroll services, recruiting, procurement and administration, performance management, risk management and workplace safety, etc. They also make sure to work as per employment and labour law compliance. This way, the organization will be able to focus on its other core activities, which will help them to grow, no matter what sector they are in.

Following are some of the points highlighting how human resource outsourcing will help your business to grow:

  • Lower your cost- Know that with the help of a human resource outsourcing agency, you can easily cope with employee needs. This way, you won’t have to establish your own team to hire the employees. This involves lots of costs as you have to train your team accordingly. This will increase the cost, so here seeking help from an outsourcing agency will save costs.
  • Boost employee morale- HR outsourcing will help to meet the needs of the employees. They will negotiate a better benefits package on the employee’s behalf. This will save the efforts of employers and employees.
  • Enhances efficiencies- With HR outsourcing, you can unload the day-to-day responsibilities like payroll, getting insurance claims, administrating benefits and much more. This way, the business will be able to focus on other core competencies, and the business will be able to enhance its efficiencies.
  • Attract employees- Many employees seek help from a human resource outstanding agency to get a job. They will help in offering the job as per the requirement of the employees. So this will attract more and more employees as they have a solid experience base.
  • HR expertise- Know that the HR outsourcing agency will help in building strategies for the organization whenever required. These will help the organization to get advice whenever needed.

So above are some of the points highlighting how human resource outsourcing will help your business to grow. If you are looking for the best HR outsourcing companies, you should consult ‘CBSI global’. They will go with the strategic sourcing process to recruit. They will hire, train and deploy the human resources as per the workforce and workload of the organization.