Myth vs. Fact of MSP Staffing - CBSI (A FirstMeridian Company)

MSP stands for Managed Service Provider; it is an agency, which companies hire for recruiting programs through outsourcing. MSP companies in India manage recruitment programs to serve the temporary staffing problem. MSP recruitment agencies help in sourcing the right candidates as per the client’s requirements. The staffing process begins with facilitating requisition, interview coordination, & overseeing human resources onboarding.

Myth 1: A MSP Company is Just a Staffing Agency!

Fact: MSP is an outsourced agency that can manage major workforce processes by contracting with staffing agencies or suppliers. So, it is wrong to say that MSP is just a staffing agency. Using MSP recruitment, companies align the right combination of staffing agencies to get the right talent as per hiring needs.

Myth 2: MSP’s Primary Motto is Cost Saving

Fact: Cost saving is only a part of the benefit; MSP comes out as a value driver for hiring talents. MSPs connect client companies with consolidated suppliers to reduce risk & streamline processes & bring workforce analytics to the enterprise. Partnering with MSP companies in India, organizations get a robust candidate pipeline to attract quality talent.

Myth 3: MSP Recruitment Will Complicate the Hiring Process

Fact: As MSP staffing comprises many operational procedures, a misconception arises that it can delay or complicate the hiring process. However, in reality, it doesn’t hold any truth, MSP effectively manages processes as the administration procedure already done by the organization, and it takes less time to fill the required position.

Myth 4: For the Success of MSP Programs, Companies Require multiple Staffing Firms

Fact: MSP programs don’t imply only the addition of staffing firms, it examines talent requirements. Aligning with many suppliers drives value & leads to less participation of irrelevant candidates’ profiles. So, there is a requirement to strike the right balance with a number of suppliers in order to get considerable value & best results from MSP programs.

Myth 5: MSP Programs Are too Expensive for the Company

Fact: Most MSP programs are suppliers funded under which they bear the overall cost to deploy candidates. So, the management program costs are mainly absorbed by the suppliers as per the percentage of invoices without adding any extra cost for an organization.

Myth 6: MSP companies won’t understand the business model

It doesn’t necessarily have to be true in every case; MSP examines the client company’s workflows and existing business processes to meet their requirements. MSP recruitment starts with a discussion of the client’s business goals & technologies.

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